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Feature Fridays 107 – Sovereign Cloud with Caveonix

Caveonix has been a long-standing ecosystem partner for VMware and provides a great solution for VMware Sovereign Clouds. The joint VMware and Caveonix Cloud solution offers a fully integrated security, compliance, and governance platform to effectively manage data sovereignty compliance requirements of hybrid multi-cloud environments. The Caveonix Cloud platform has been fully tested and validated to support the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) components including, VMware Cloud Director (VCD), vCenter, vSphere, VMWare Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), vRealize Automation (vRA), NSX-V and NSX-T. The platform runs in isolated Sovereign domains and can instantly assess the security posture of the cloud environment and provide continuous monitoring against a wide range of compliance standards and industry regulations to ensure immediate reporting and mitigation of any drift in the security and compliance posture, thus protecting all data assets stored in the VMware sovereign cloud.

Data sovereignty has become more stringent than ever before. With various national and state governments now initiating new and strengthening existing data sovereignty laws/regulations, businesses must find ways to make this work to their benefit. A sovereign cloud customer’s primary prerequisite is to safeguard confidential data, secure access to the right parties, ensure complete compliance with all state, national and global regulatory requirements, as well as provide continuous compliance monitoring for data sovereignty and governance on an ongoing basis. This is a tall ask with data growing everyday and continual multi-cloud usage. However VMware Sovereign Cloud providers already do this and, using a VMware Sovereign ecosystem partner like Caveonix, this can not only be achieved, but also will assist in cost reduction and increased monetization opportunities.

Find out how Caveonix can help you achieve your sovereign compliance and manage risk


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