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Feature Friday Episode 95 – Tanzu Application Platform

Feature Friday 95 – Tanzu Application Platform – 3rd June

As per our April announcement, Cloud Providers now have access to Tanzu Application Platfrom. “What’s it all about” I hear you ask! Tanzu Application Platform enables cloud providers to drive new service capabilities with a comprehensive build and application lifecycle management platform for all your customers’ modern application needs.

Development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) customer teams now use their own or can be provided with a best-of-breed tooling in the application development pipeline. All whilst creating and maintaining a secure, sustainable, and reusable supply chain for modern applications throughout their lifecycle. Additionally, Cloud Providers can offer unique supply chain best practices and additional managed services with Tanzu Application Platform, or you can rely on the out-of-the-box community-driven processes. As a result your customers can build their applications more quickly and realize faster revenue generation for their company with Tanzu Application Platform. Best of all, it can be deployed in on-premises environments supporting private registries and can be segregated supporting Sovereign use cases.

To find out more how you can provide these additional opportunities, like cross-sell to existing customers or selling to net new customers, watch this Feature Friday to find out what the solution does and how it can be offered.


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