Feature Friday

Feature Friday 94 – VMware Cloud Foundation – Optimized Architecture

At last, we are able to provide support for a 3-node VMware Cloud Foundation architecture with Cloud Provider solutions on top!

This new supported architecture will enable providers delivering private clouds to offer a smaller and more appropriate cloud size for smaller customers. VMware Cloud Foundation dramatically shortens the path to cloud. With increases in operational efficiency with lifecycle management and reduction overall TCO.

Partners who deploy VMware Cloud Foundation accelerate their time to market. This is achieved by eliminating complex processes around system design, testing, bring-up, configuration, and provisioning. Deployments are essentially low-risk with quick, repeatable, secure deployments based on a standardized, VMware Validated Design™. Cloud Providers are able to deliver a future proof infrastructure for customers. Run any customer app (both traditional and cloud-native containerized) with the Tanzu. Of course this all can be complimented with the Cloud Provider platform on top of core VMware Cloud Foundation delivering enhanced cloud experience and services.

Watch this video to understand the new offering support and how to engage with VMware to get support of this architecture.


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