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Announcing the GA of CSE 3.1.3

Cloud Providers with VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension (CSE) can offer Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) clusters at its core. We are glad to announce the enhanced support features with the general availability of CSE 3.1.3 to support our providers in their KaaS journey.

What’s new in CSE 3.1.3?

CSE 3.1.3 brings greater control and flexibility to users with the following updates.

  • New UI plugin with default storage class support

CSE 3.1.3 comes with a new Kubernetes Container Clusters Plugin 3.3.0.  Download the UI plugin from VMware Customer Connect. The plugin also brings in support for pre created default storage class for TKG Clusters.

  • Enhanced support for TKG  clusters
  • In the previous version of CSE, we introduced the Cluster API Provider for VMware Cloud Director (CAPVCD) to create, configure and manage K8s cluster on VMware Cloud Director (VCD). This version of CSE extends this support for K8s versions 1.20 and 1.21 giving a higher-level control across K8 clusters.    
  • In CSE 3.1.1 we introduced Container Storage Interface (CSI) to create and manage Persistent Volumes for each TKG clusters. CSE 3.1.3 with CSI plugin, defaulted to version 1.2.0, extends support for K8s versions from 1.19 to 1.22 for VCD versions 10.3.1 onwards.
    This version also fixes some of the URL parsing issues that were reported.  
  • CSE provides a secure ingress access to K8s services through the Cloud Provider Interface plugin (CPI) for VCD users. This release defaults the CPI version to 1.1.1. which now supports:

    Some issues around the non-accessibility of Pods when the port values for Loadbalancer service was changed in the K8s were reported. This was due to a mismatch of values in the Loadbalancer configuration in VCD. This issue has been addressed and now the Load balancer configuration in the VCD automatically updates to match the port values.

    Refresh-token based authentication for VCD cells when fronted by a load balancer.

Also note, CSE 3.1.3 comes with an optional field where, users can specify the CPI, CSI and Antrea versions to use while configuring TKG clusters. This gives them the flexibility to use and choose from all the supported plugin versions.   

Additionally, CSE 3.1.3 supports:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 Kubernetes OVAs from TKG versions 1.5.1 and K8s version 1.22.
  • A new Ubuntu 20.04 Native template for K8s 1.23 has also been provided. Check out the revision updates to existing templates here.
  • Python version 3.10 for CSE installation

For more information on product and features check out these additional resources:

Upgrading to CSE 3.1.3 will help cloud providers to equip their customers with extended Kubernetes capabilities and the future innovation possibilities that can be brought to their portfolio.

For more details on the product, kindly connect with us on our dedicated Slack channel and we’d be happy to respond to your queries and feedback. If you are not a member yet then please email us for access to the VMware Cloud Provider slack channel.


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