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Feature Friday 86 – Etisalat NSX-V to NSX-T Migration with Cloud Director Availability

With support of NSX-V now ended, VMware Cloud Providers must migrate to NSX-T, but for larger environments and active customers this can be a challenge. Watch this episode to learn how Etisalat’s operational team have developed their own mechanism to migrate customers, outside of using the migration tool VMware has provided to migrate NSX-V to T workloads. Etisalat chose to build their own automation to create target networks and network services due to the migration tool not supporting a new vCenter target environments at the time. Essentially although the tool could not be used for migration, Etisalat has worked around this and now has a great opportunity to upsell their customers with a new platform capable of delivering more services.

Using Cloud Director Availability migrating from their old NSX-V cluster to their new NSX-T cluster has been made easy, and Etisalat operations manages the migration of customers within defined change windows. Cloud Director Availability has sped up migrations by automating final sync, keeping source environments active for role back if necessary and utilizing the run book feature to control start up ordering. Using the NSX Migration tool for investigating current environments pre migration and feeding the output to their own Terraform scripts Etisalat creates the customer networking and security first prior migrating the VM or VAPP with VMware Cloud Director Availability.

Watch the episode now.


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