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VMware Multi-Cloud and App Maturity Model for Cloud Provider Partners

Cloud Adoption is not just about Technology

Successfully adopting cloud solutions requires more than great technology. Customers need to get their cloud vision, strategy and processes aligned to successfully extract value from their cloud transformation journey. This journey includes the definition of the right business goals, defining a supporting cloud strategy, developing a business case, establishing the right roles, responsibilities and processes, as well as enabling staff and selecting the right tools. Only if all these aspects are taken care of, customers will be able to fully leverage the potential that cloud technologies offer.

The VMware Multi-Cloud and App Maturity Model (MCAM) is an integrated approach to improve the customer Cloud Journey. It helps drive successful adoption of cloud technologies and services though a holistic assessment of a customer organisation’s current maturity in regard to adoption of multi-cloud and modern apps technologies, as well as definition of the desired future state of the organisation. Based in these information, the model creates a Gap-Analysis of areas to improve in, as well as recommendations that helps close the maturity gaps upon execution.

Assessing the Customer Organization holistically

The MCAM assessment includes a set of 30 questions across different domains and queries the current and desired future level of maturity. For that, each question includes five answer options representing maturity stages from 1 (low) to 5 (high). MCAM then calculates the current and target maturity across six domains and identifies the areas with the largest gap. Based on the current level of maturity and gaps, a set of recommendations, consisting of different services and resources, gets generated and proposed to the user.

Areas that MCAM assess are the following:

  • Cloud Vision and Strategy
  • Business Outcomes and Goals
  • Leadership, Governance and Processes
  • People, Tools and Enablement
  • Applications and Development
  • Infrastructure, Data and Platforms

Identify Areas that require Attention

As a result of the assessment, the user receives a detailed gap analysis and heat map across the questionnaire. Both visualise which areas need the most attention and investment to mature to the desired level:

Position Partner Services and Recommendations

The obvious benefit of MCAM for our VMware Cloud Provider partners is the holistic approach that helps customers adopt VMware Cloud Provider services faster and more successful. It enables partners to point out what customers need beyond the technology to get the most out of their Cloud services, ultimately leading to more and faster consumption and better customer experience.

Beyond that, providers can leverage the included recommendation feature of MCAM to propose value-added services and point to additional resources. By default, MCAM generates recommendations based on the identified gaps. These recommendations include free and chargeable VMware services, online trainings, resources and more. But partners can simply change and enhance the auto-generated report for their customers. They can add their own services as a replacement or an addition to what’s included by default, position their expert consulting and managed services, or point to their own additional resources for customer consumption.

Start using MCAM today

MCAM is free and available online for partners and customers to use. In situations where an online assessment is not sufficient, our Multi-Cloud Experts can support. The Multi-Cloud Team offers interactive workshops that help our partners define and shape the Cloud strategy for their customers. We walk through the details of MCAM and our interactive workshops in a Feature Friday Podcast Session.

Try it out for yourself today and start engaging your customers with the VMware Multi-Cloud and App Modernization Maturity Model.


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