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Feature Friday Episode 81 – vRealize Network Insight Cloud

Welcome to Feature Fridays Episode 81!

in this session I am joined by Shejung Hah and Matt Just to discuss vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

vRealize Network Insight feature friday

VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud offers all capabilities of VMware vRealize Network Insight (the on-premies version that our cloud partners are familiar with) but as a SaaS solution on VMware Cloud. It enables partners to accelerate application security and networking across private, public and hybrid clouds for your customers. As a SaaS solution there is no backend management required, VMware manages the solution. Cloud Partners can gain value from services around planning customer application security and migration, assessment of customer on premises estates, optimizing and troubleshooting virtual and physical complex multi-cloud networks.

Out of the box, vRealize Network Insight Cloud delivers discovery and mapping of your networks and virtual estates, both logical and physical bringing down the time to value. Where we see many customers with multi cloud environments, this solution is particularly capable of discover and optimization with our of the box rules and policies to discover issues. For Cloud Providers this makes an excellent addition to any managed service or can be supplied as a self service instance for the customer.

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