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Sovereign Cloud Technical Guidance for Cloud Providers

The VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative was announced at VMworld in October of 2021. We are happy to announce the availability of the VMware Sovereign Cloud Technical Guidance for VMware Cloud Provider Partners document.

The intent of the technical guidance is to document a verified stack of VMware software that will provide a technical approach to building a Sovereign Cloud.

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VMware’s Sovereign Cloud Initiative recognizes VMware Cloud Verified partners that meet VMware’s definition of a Sovereign Cloud. Partners who implement the VMware Sovereign Cloud guidance will be better able to protect the sovereignty of their customers workloads and data.

Are you interested in becoming VMware Cloud Verified? Click here to learn more.

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Because the definition of what a Sovereign Cloud is, is always evolving, technical guidance is needed to make our VMware Cloud Providers successful in serving their customers. Therefore, this guidance will be flexible enough to allow different configurations and implementations to comply with the entity that is providing the requirements of their Sovereign Cloud.

VMware Cloud Providers benefit from clear guidelines around data sovereignty, data residency, data access, jurisdiction, control, and much more to provide their customers with the assurance that their most sensitive data is managed securely. With sovereign cloud capabilities, customers benefit from the scale of a multi-tenant, hybrid cloud environment while maintaining security, access, and control like a traditional on-premises, legacy computing environment.

Learn more about the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative

For Cloud Providers: please visit our new Sovereign Cloud service page and watch this breakout session to learn more about the why and how to build and deliver a sovereign cloud.

For Customers: please visit vmware.com/cloud-solutions/sovereign-cloud.html to learn more about the solution and cloud.vmware.com/providers/sovereign-cloud to find your local VMware Sovereign Cloud provider.


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