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Feature Friday Episode 56 – Sovereign Cloud, Gaia-X and Greenplum

Episode 56!! To mark this >50 episode milestone, we are running a competition until the end of July. In order to enter the competition, all you need to do is share your favourite ‘Feature Fridays’ episode with your network (i.e., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) using ‘#CloudHappens’ in your contest feed. 

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In this episode I’m joined by Julian Da Silva and Alex Tanner, both involved with Sovereign Cloud initiatives with Cloud Providers and both exploring how Gaia-X can be addressed with the VMware portfolio. In episode 49 of Feature Fridays we have discussed Gaia-X with Laurent Allard, (our resident expert), VMware’s involvement, and how this will affect you, our cloud providers. Now we are taking this to the next level, diving into some of the technologies that could support a Gaia-X initiative. Naturally Gaia-X is an evolving initiative, so these views and designs are being examined for their capabilities to support some of the functions that will be required.

So go grab a coffee ☕️ or something to eat 🥪 , where-ever you are in the world and settle into 😌 another Feature Friday. If you have any questions about VMware’s involvement in GAIA-X, email the team Gaia-x@VMware.com, or any questions regarding this Feature Friday please contact vcpp_gtm@VMware.com


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