Feature Friday

Feature Friday Episode 70 – Tanzu mini series – Part 2 TKG

Hopefully you managed to watch the first in this series, if you haven’t please do so first otherwise this may not make much sense. We are building this series to dive into depth about each aspect of Tanzu that our cloud providers have been interested in and more. In the first series we talked about packaging and versions, discussing in detail what was available and how. In this episode we explore the first major component in the Tanzu portfolio, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid service (TKGs).

Join myself, Gerrit and Stefan as we take a look at TKGs, discuss the deployment options, the value propositions and outcomes and how to operationalise the capabilities it presents. Remember if you want to find out more, please head over to https://cloudsolutions.vmware.com/services/developer-ready-cloud.html where you can find many more assets to help you on your Developer Ready Cloud service portfolio evolution.


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