Feature Friday

Feature Friday Episode 69 – Tanzu mini Series – Part 1 The Basics

Tanzu is the new VMware portfolio for build, run and management of containerized applications. This single, streamlined solution bridges the gap between IT operations and developers with a new kind of infrastructure for modern, cloud-native applications both on premises, in provider clouds and in hyperscale public clouds. For many cloud providers VMware Tanzu presents the next phase of their VMware portfolio and customer self or managed service portfolios. But, it’s a fast moving world and it can be hard to understand what you have access to, how much it costs and how it fits into your cloud.

Watch this Feature Friday mini series with Joerg Lew, Gerrit Lehr, Stefan Berner and myself, to understand more about Tanzu for Cloud Providers. We are starting at the basics in this episode, what is available in what bundles and the key differences as well as how this works with VMware Cloud Director or without. Future episodes will be building on this foundation and exploring all aspects of Tanzu.


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