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VMware Cloud Director 10.2.2 Release and Tanzu Updates – Part 3

VMware Cloud Director Made few significant improvements with Tanzu Integration in VCD release 10.2.2. we reviewed them in the Blogs Part 1 necessitated Network Isolation introduced for the cloud providers. It also described how a customer can access the Kubernetes Cluster and provide a service using External Network. In the second part, we reviewed improved isolate communication between VMware Cloud Director and vCenter Supervisor Cluster. This blog post covers an enhancement useful for the customers creating and managing Kubernetes Clusters.

Providers and cluster authors could use predefined POD and Service CIDR while setting up the Workload management network in the earlier release. This imposed a limitation on customers to use pre-set POD/Service CIDR network configurations. With the 10.2.2 release, customers can specify POD and Service CIDR ranges. This ability lifts limitations from customers to use only specified network configuration from POD and Service CIDR per TKG cluster. The following figure shows provider and customer experience while creating a TKG Cluster. The ranges should not overlap with IP ranges of Providers Ingress and Egress CIDR from the supervisor Cluster.

Custom IP Ranges per TKG Cluster
Figure: Custom POD and Service CIDR per TKG Cluster starting VCD 10.2.2

Find out more by taking a look at the release notes or download the update


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