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Feature Friday Episode 52 – NSX-V to NSX-T Migration Tool 1.2.1

In this session, our host Guy Bartram is joined by Romain Decker (Staff II Technical Product Manager) to discuss new features added to NSX Migration Tool in Cloud Director 1.2.1. 

Since NSX-v has been replaced by its successor, NSX-T is a top priority for VMware Cloud Providers. In this session, you will get an in-depth understanding of the core features which allow Cloud Providers to run the upgrade and the new assessment mode – with which you can determine an organization’s migration readiness of their virtual data centers (VDCs) backed by NSX-v.  


Not only is this information vital for you to understand which customer Org VDC can migrate without issue and plan accordingly, but also sharing the assessment with VMware will help us prioritize the next version of the tool migration capability based on the gaps reported back to us. 

Reasons to migrate from NSX-v to NSX-T 

VMware has announced the sunsetting of NSX-v and is going full throttle to expand NSX-T Data Center. NSX-T offers best-in-class networking & security for your infrastructure, simplifies automation, and provides a public cloud–like experience with VMware Cloud Director. 

Have you determined your migration readiness with the NSX Migration for Cloud Director tool?  

NSX-v to NSX-T migration is top of mind for most VMware cloud providers. To make your migration journey a success, the VMware NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director 1.2.1 tool has introduced a new capability that allows you to determine the cloud migration readiness of your organization’s Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) backed by NSX-v. 

The assessment mode leverages non-disruptive APIs to perform discovery of features used in all or specified VDCs backed by NSX-v and analyzes the suitability of each VDC for migration. The key driver is to enable cloud providers to analyze their current estate and understand their ability to do an automatic migration from NSX-v to NSX-T with the current versions. 

The assessment mode is only reading the configuration (no changes are made to the environment) only requires VMware Cloud Director API access (any 10.x version is supported). 

Learn how you can run the assessment mode today  

We are committed to improving your migration experience, hence it would be great to find out if the assessment mode has helped you in your journey. This is your chance to become a part of our growing community. Your contributions will shape the future of NSX-T integration with VMware Cloud Director, influence the product roadmap and new features releases. 

You are highly encouraged to send your summary reports to:

v2t-assessments [at] vmware.com

We will do our best to make this transition smooth for you and your organization. All the information and insights will be kept anonymous to comply with the Data Protection Act.  

For general queries and comments, please reach out to our Staff II Technical Product Manager for networking, Romain Decker, either here in the comments section, in social media (@woueb), or via your VMware representative.

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