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IDC Profiles NTT-NetMagic’s VMware-Powered SAP HANA Cloud Service

A growing, competitive cloud market means cloud providers are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their offerings and win new customers. Some partners focus on specific verticals, others focus on flexibility. IDC recently profiled an India-based cloud provider, NTT-NetMagic, who is finding a way to differentiate their offerings by focusing on unique mission critical application services.

An NTT company since 2012, NTT-NetMagic is one of the first VMware cloud providers to build and offer SAP HANA as a service on the VMware Cloud Provider Platform. IDC recently published a complete IDC ExpertROI® Spotlight of NTT-NetMagic, their VMware-partnership, and their unique SAP HANA as a service offering. Below are highlights from that study and you can read through the complete paper for additional ways that the VMware Cloud Provider Platform can help your cloud business deliver differentiated offerings.

Delivering SAP HANA Cloud Services

In order to keep pace with their customer’s digital transformation needs and the trend towards higher cloud adoption, NTT-NetMagic wanted to add SAP HANA cloud services to its portfolio. Deploying a true mission critical application in the cloud requires cloud infrastructure that can meet stringent requirements in terms of performance, security, flexibility, and cost.

NTT-NetMagic were looking for a technology partner that understood the importance of being able to provide a stable environment on the cloud. Their experience with VMware technologies played a role in their decision to work with VMware. NTT-NetMagic was able to leverage in-house resources and expertise as well as software-defined automation to stand up their data center in weeks.

As a result of their partnership with VMware they are able to offer SAP HANA cloud services through multiple deployment models, including appliances, TDI, TDI on rack servers, public cloud, and shared services and have already acquired 200 customers in India.  NTT-NetMagic deploys various VMware technologies that are a part of the VMware Cloud Provider platform, including VMware Cloud Director, NSX, vSAN, vSphere, vMotion, and CloudHealth by VMware.

Robust Performance and Reliability with VMware-based SDDCs

This IDC ExpertROI® Spotlight highlights how VMware-based Software-Defined Data Centers have helped NTT-NetMagic achieve significant financial and operational benefits. It uncovers the relationship between strong customer uptake of SAP HANA cloud services to high performance, security, and flexibility.

The business value for NTT-NetMagic includes:

  • A 15% higher growth rate for SAP HANA cloud services
  • 54% lower churn rate
  • 90% faster on-boarding of new customers
  • 50% faster delivery of new services to existing customers
  • 50% fewer SLA penalties
  • 22% more cost effective data centers
  • 25% more efficient IT infrastructure teams

Strong Value Proposition for High Customer Uptake

NTT-NetMagic attributes a significant part of their success to the VMware SDDC infrastructure. Their uptime SLA is 99.99% and they have achieved 15% higher growth rates with over $2 million per year of associated revenue from their SAP HANA cloud services. They also achieved 54% lower churn rates due to the strong performance and flexibility of the VMware infrastructure as well as the ability to on-board customers in two days rather than almost a month. It has also offered NTT-NetMagic a competitive advantage by enabling them to optimize datacenter-related costs and staff time requirements.

Read the IDC ExpertROI® Spotlight by Matthew Marden, Research Director, Business Value Strategy Practice, to see how VMware based infrastructure is delivering high-quality, scalable and cost-effective cloud services to NTT-NetMagic and their customers.

Source: IDC ExpertROI Spotlight, sponsored by VMWare, NTT-Netmagic Delivers High-Quality SAP HANA Cloud Services with VMware-Based Software-Defined Datacenters, doc #US47008120, December 2020


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