Feature Friday VMware Cloud Provider

Feature Friday episode 6 – The VMware Cloud Director Flex model, what is it and what does it mean to your offerings?

Welcome to Feature Fridays!

This is a new initiative to help enable our partners get the most out of their investment in the VMware Cloud Provider Platform.


Each week we will release a new video covering a different topic in more depth. The content will be mostly technical but will also cover services that are feasible with the features. Keep an eye out on this blog site to see when a new video is released.


Today I’m joined by Julian Da Silva to discuss what the Flex consumption model is in VMware Cloud Director, lets clear up the confusion! Flex is an awesome way to provide the best of both worlds, allocation and reservation models.


Of course, if you have feedback or there is a feature you would like to see discussed, please let us know. Email vcpp_gtm@vmware.com and we will find the best resource to give us the overview.


Now, it’s Friday 😊  and the weekend is almost here! Maybe it’s around lunch time where-ever you are in the world, so go and grab something to eat 🥪  or a cup of coffee ☕️ and settle in to a 30 minute run down about the VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension capability.


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