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Plan your Multi-Cloud using VMware’s Cloud Ready Framework

While each hyperscaler cloud has a framework that covers how to migrate to their cloud, as well as how to build and run applications on their cloud – none of the cloud providers offers guidance on how to migrate, build and run applications across a multi-cloud environment. 

Re-think multi-cloud

The need for this type of guidance is a relatively new phenomenon.  Multi-cloud is evolving.


“Most enterprises are multi-cloud but most teams responsible for apps in the enterprise are focused on a single cloud.”


“Many teams in the enterprise responsible for one or more apps are now finding that they are building and/or running apps on more than one cloud.”

With this change, comes a new focus for teams operating in the cloud.  Teams are now thinking a lot more about how they can achieve skill and operational leverage across multiple clouds rather than just how to build and operate on a single cloud. 

Guidance designed for the new multi-cloud reality

Last year VMware introduced the VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VCRF) to address this need. The whitepaper that introduced that framework can be found on both VMware.com and on VMware Techzone.  The link to Techzone requires that you establish a log-in but it will also provide access to a deeper set of materials related to the framework.  I’ll talk about that next layer of information a bit further down in this blog.

VMware’s Cloud Ready Framework is the definitive guide on using VMware Cloud as the foundation of a common technology platform that can span all of the major hyperscaler clouds and thousands of service provider clouds.   The framework provides guidance in five specific areas that are fundamental to developing and running apps in a multi-cloud environment.

On Techzone, you will also find guidance for each pillar in the context of each major hyperscaler cloud and for clouds delivered as part of the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP).  There are more than 4,000 companies that partner with VMware as part of VCPP.

In addition to finding guidance on Techzone that represents the build out of each pillar, you can also find numerous short articles called Designlets.  These articles address specific technical issues related to migrating, building or running apps in specific cloud environments.  You can get a list of all of the existing designlets by following this link.

To date, the VMware team responsible for VCRF has completely built out the guidance for the Planning pillar across all of the major hyperscaler clouds and VCPP partners.  Over the balance of this calendar year, the team plans on continuously releasing new guidance that addresses the remaining four pillars of Build, Secure, Modernize and Operate.

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