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Alibaba Cloud at VMworld 2021

Alibaba Cloud to Share its Strategies at VMworld

Alibaba Group is one of the largest consumer e-commerce companies in the world with brands such as Tmall, Taobao, AliPay, AliMusic. Did you know that Alibaba is also a global leader in enterprise cloud computing through Alibaba Cloud (or AliCloud), a subsidiary of Alibaba Group? Alibaba Cloud offers a full range of cloud products and services that reach more than 200 countries worldwide. Alibaba Cloud solutions span networking, security, analytics and big data, cloud management, application services, media services, middleware, and more. 

VMworld 2021, starting October 5, features four innovative AliCloud sessions. These sessions span topics ranging from the strategic global partnership between Alibaba Cloud and VMware, to jointly developed solutions. Here is a brief summary of each session. 

Session V13404: Voices of VMworld with Lancelot Guo, Vice President of Alibaba Group and President, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Sales & Operations, and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram

Lancelot Guo and Raghu Raghuram discuss the Alibaba and VMware partnership and how today’s business climate is shaping the development of Alibaba Cloud’s strategy and solutions within VMware. You will also hear from two cloud industry thought leaders on customers trends and future technology direction.  

Session MCL3030S: Empower Business in Asia with Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution

Learn how your global business can leverage innovations from Alibaba Cloud and VMware to drive digital transformation across Asia, and particularly throughout Greater China. You will learn how Alibaba Cloud is rejuvenating global and regional business post-pandemic, understand the breadth of its available solutions, and see how your business can accelerate the cloud journey with Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution. You will see a demonstration of the currently available Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution and understand what new capabilities you can expect in the future.

Session MCL3032S: Agile Digital Transformation with Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem featuring VMware

Partners, such as VMware, are a critical component of the Alibaba Cloud mission to “make it easy for your organization to do business anywhere in the world.” Alibaba Cloud has set new records in performance, scalability, and reliability across public and private cloud benchmarks. In this session, you will gain insights the Alibaba Cloud partner ecosystem and strategy. This session will also feature the partnership with VMware – its success and future direction.

Session MCL3031S: Meet and Ask the Experts – A Live Panel Discussion with Alibaba Cloud and VMware

This is a live, interactive session where you can ask engineering and sales experts from Alibaba Cloud and VMware topics of interest. Whether you are interested in the Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution or seeking answers on specific topics, this is session is for you. The experts will also address frequently asked questions on cloud migration and industry innovations.

Each of the four Alibaba Cloud at VMworld 2021 sessions will be invaluable – whether your company services the Asia Pacific market or is looking to expand into Greater China.

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