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VMware Cloud on AWS successfully completed IRAP Assessment at PROTECTED level!

We have a wonderful news to share with our Australian customers! VMware Cloud on AWS has successfully completed the IRAP cloud security assessment. The IRAP Cloud Security Assessment demonstrates our compliance against the Australian Information Security Manual (ISM) and Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and shows VMware Cloud on AWS’ suitability to handle Australian government data.

VMware engaged Foresight Inc, a registered IRAP assessor to evaluate the service at PROTECTED level. The assessors evaluated VMware Cloud on AWS controls across several technical areas including cyber security roles and responsibilities, incident management, systems hardening, systems monitoring, cryptography, networking, software development and personnel security.

The ability to manage workloads across a hybrid cloud model has been a critical challenge for government IT organizations. The IRAP Cloud Security Assessment, provides assurance that VMware Cloud on AWS has implemented robust technical controls to provide a secure and reliable environment for customers to deploy their workloads. VMware government customers in Australia can now leverage our service to deploy workloads in the VMware Cloud on AWS Sydney region.

VMware is committed to supporting government IT organizations worldwide and continues to expand our compliance programs to meet the most demanding security and compliance requirements. The IRAP Cloud Security Assessment is a significant milestone for VMware in the Australian region and enhances our capability to support Australian government customers through their cloud migration journey, expand digital capabilities and accelerate service delivery with stringent governance and control.

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software to the AWS Cloud. It enables customers to run production applications across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments based on VMware vSphere®, with optimized access to native AWS services. VMware Cloud on AWS integrates VMware flagship compute, storage, and network virtualization products—VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX—along with VMware vCenter Server management. It optimizes them to run on elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure operational experience on premises and in the cloud.

The IRAP assessed VMware Cloud on AWS service provides a compliance hardened SDDC to address the security requirements from Australian Information Security Manual and Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).

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