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The Keys that Unlock Multi-Cloud Success

Bola Rotibi, Research Director of Software Development at CCS Insight published an article titled “The Keys that Unlock Multi-cloud Success.” Below is an excerpt, published with permission.

How VMware Cloud customers are achieving multicloud excellence

Understanding the importance of good support should be the first step to any multicloud journey.

There are four considerations that companies embarking on a multicloud strategy shouldn’t ignore. The first is that cloud adoption is on the rise, accelerated by a pandemic-induced rush to remote and self-service access to operations.

The second is that organizations are looking to more than one cloud provider or technology stack to support their operations and how they deliver their services. This trend to embrace choice recognizes a desire for flexibility and the best-fitting solution. However, unrestrained and without strategic direction, it paves the way for productivity-draining complexity, which is a known burden on the IT infrastructure and application systems in many companies.

The third consideration is employing the construct of abstraction, treating hybrid IT and multicloud environments as one, with consistent controls, governance, privacy and security policies. This provides a powerful approach to managing the complexity of choice. Simplifying and applying consistency to cross-platform delivery not only improves automation and scale, but also makes productive distributed management possible.

The fourth observation is that deep-seated visibility of the whole operational ecosystem is crucial to the level of control needed for optimized operations. This is especially true when it comes to managing cost and use of cloud platforms, as well as pre-emptively catching vulnerabilities.

Armed with these insights, how should organizations react and where should they start? Read the full article at CCS Insight.

What is the VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing?

The VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing is a global, online event focused on enabling organizations to accelerate multi-cloud strategies in the face of rapidly evolving business requirements. Each quarter, we feature new speakers, topics, solutions, and customers, all dedicated to informing, engaging, and enabling the cloud community to succeed in a multi-cloud world.

In the July briefing, we discussed the evolution of management and operations in a world where infrastructure is distributed across data centers and clouds. As teams start adding cloud services to their portfolio, their role evolves past service delivery to governance, enablement, policy and cost management. And as businesses expand their multi-cloud use, IT teams need to have practices that cover both IT services they deliver and IT services from 3rd party providers. With that in mind, implementing a multi-cloud operating model can give teams the framework needed to develop and mature their capabilities and expand their cloud adoption.

Watch the briefing on demand and read the detailed articles on how GfK and Salesforce are leveraging and governing multi-cloud environments for their business.

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