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Race Ahead to Kubernetes: A Learning Path for System Administrators

Kubernetes has quickly emerged as one of the leading cloud technologies—and for good reason. Kubernetes makes it possible to deploy modern applications that are scalable, modular, and fault-tolerant. You declare the state you need your environment to be in and it constantly works to maintain that state, which frees up teams from manual tasks around infrastructure management.

While Kubernetes has been popular with developers for a number of years, it’s now moving steadily into production environments and well on its way to entering the IT mainstream. In fact, our latest research shows that 74% of organizations are currently leveraging Kubernetes or have plans to use it.

Lack of expertise is a primary challenge

However, as enterprises accelerate digital transformation and embrace Kubernetes, some are experiencing growing pains due to a lack of expertise, complex deployments, and challenges integrating new and existing systems. 96% of organizations still report difficulties operationalizing Kubernetes, and a lack of internal experience and expertise remains the biggest challenge to doing so.

kubernetes challenges report

Operationalizing Kubernetes learning path

Given a lack of expertise continues to be one of the biggest challenges organizations face, we’ve curated a selection of resources, courses, and hands-on labs into a learning path dedicated to educating and equipping teams in operationalizing Kubernetes.

The Kubernetes learning path follows a three-step journey:

  1. Get Ready: Explore the basics of containers and Kubernetes and learn about their role in cloud native apps and infrastructure.
  2. Get Set: Understand the impact of Kubernetes and containers on your infrastructure and application environments.
  3. Go! Familiarize yourself with Kubernetes and containers in hands-on labs.

This learning path is catered to System Administrators (Sys Admins), as part of our ongoing Sys Admin Appreciation month, but it is also relevant and valuable for anyone with a stake in their organization’s infrastructure and application modernization. It is also valuable for those interested in learning more about new technologies and methodologies (in this case, Kubernetes) that can help evolve your skills and career, and optimize your organization’s IT investments.

It used to be the case that teams could sit still or stay the course for up to two years. Now it’s a month. Continuing to learn is so important.” – Bryan Bond, Director of IT Infrastructure, Emeter, a Siemens Business

And to learn more about what we’re doing to say “Thank You” to Sys Admins for Sys Admin Appreciation Month, see our article here or check out some of the resources we have below.