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New VMware Cloud Ready Framework Resources

A couple of weeks ago, VMware announced VMware Cloud Universal, a new flexible program that simplifies the purchase of VMware Cloud infrastructure services and management services across multi-cloud environments, providing customers with choice and flexibility in how they adopt VMware Cloud modular offerings over time and at their own pace.

Today, VMware officially launches the VMware Cloud service, a multi-cloud service for all apps across data center, edge, and public cloud environments and the new VMware Cloud Universal program, which simplifies the purchase of VMware Cloud infrastructure services and management services across multi-cloud environments.

To complement the VMware Cloud launch, we are also excited to share a number of new and updated educational and technical collateral as part of the VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VMCRF), which will provide customers with a centralized location on getting comprehensive guidance and best practices as the embark on their multi-cloud journey.

VMware Cloud Ready Framework Website

Customers can now bookmark the new VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VMCRF) website, which will be the new home for all future VMCRF updates.

If you are not familiar with the VMCRF, you can learn more by reading the whitepaper linked from the homepage at the top. If you are interested in participating and contributing to the VMware Cloud Ready Framework as a design partner, please email us at vmwcloudready@vmware.com

VMware Cloud Designlets

As part of the VMCRF, we also launched a new type of technical collateral called VMware Cloud Designlets, which are short-form guides that describe a specific feature and serve as a quick-reference guide for customers. The initial release consisted of three Designlets focused on network connectivity for VMware Cloud on AWS.

Today, we are introducing a new dedicated Designlets page for all VMware Cloud on AWS Designlets, with plans to expand the Designlets concept to other VMware Cloud Infrastructure Services in the future.

In addition to the newly dedicated VMware Cloud on AWS Designlet page, we are also expanding our library with additional new content. Hot off the press are three new VMware Cloud on AWS Designlets along with a handy reference for working with VMware Cloud on AWS and the NSX API for managing IPSec VPN configurations:

Early feedback from our customers and partners on the Designlets concept has been extremely positive and if there are specific focus areas and/or VMware Cloud Infrastructure Services (e.g. VMware Cloud on DellEMC, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, etc.) that you would like the team to focus on next, please reach out or leave a comment with your feedback.

VMware Cloud Hands-On-Labs

Getting familiar with the different VMware Cloud Infrastructure Services is equally important and what better way to test drive than leveraging the amazing VMware Hands-On-Labs (HOL) resource. The VMware HOL includes labs for each of the different VMware Cloud Infrastructure Services that go through deployment, configuration, and migration. There are also a few that go into other topics, for example, use cases and automation. There will be more HOLs coming, be on the lookout!

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Azure VMware Solution 

Landing page: http://hol.pub/avs (labs at the bottom)

Google Cloud VMware Engine

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution