Take a deep dive into all things VMware Cloud on AWS in our new Tech Zone. Full of technical content, use cases, expert opinion, tools and resources, it’s here to help you extend your capabilities and maximize the service’s potential in your organization.   

I am happy to announce the availability of a new resource for technical information for VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Cloud Tech Zone is the prime place to find all kinds of technical content for VMware Cloud on AWS – articles, videos, activity paths and more. The content has been organized into pages that focus on use cases, topics and types of content, and you can also use the search feature to narrow down what you’re looking for.


Here are a few resources to check out:

  • Feature Briefs – Take a closer look at the features that make VMware Cloud on AWS such a unique offering.
  • Quick Start – Follow the steps of this Activity Path to get up and running quickly with your first VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.
  • Design Guide and Architecture Guide – Learn about the key components of a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), and discover the key considerations for designing at both small and large scales.
  • Tools and References – Consult this list of important items that are essential for planning your deployment.


We also have focus pages that provide a central place to find our most popular ongoing live media series, such as Cloud Field Day and VMware Cloud on AWS: Unplugged. Hear and watch experts as they speak in-depth about use cases, features and technologies.

Apart from these focus pages, we have made it easy to discover and search for content. The Content Browser enables you to see resources by solution (such as Cloud Migration, Virtual Desktops and Disaster Recovery) and organized by category of content, such as technical overviews, technical guides and technical walkthroughs. You can also search and filter results based on these and other tags. If you find an article that you want to read offline, then simply use the PDF export feature, and you’ll get the latest version of the resource formatted as a white paper.

If you log in with your My VMware ID, you can pin content and see your viewing history. Here’s a list of some of the other features available when you sign in:

  • Rate content – Let us know which assets you found helpful. You can also view which assets you have rated.
  • Share – Share your favorites through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or good old-fashioned email.
  • RSS feed – Subscribe to the RSS feed and never miss another update. Get notified as soon as new content is published.
  • Feedback – Submit a comment or send feedback to suggest an improvement.
  • My Company – See what others at your company are consuming.


VMware Cloud Tech Zone is designed to be the primary place to learn about the technical aspects of the service – the what and the why – and to get prescriptive guidance on design, architecture, deployment and so forth. It sits alongside other resources, including cloud.vmware.com which is your source for product news and offers, business benefits and docs.vmware.com, which provides documentation on how to perform tasks.

Visit VMware Cloud Tech Zone today, and be sure to check back frequently as we add even more great technical content!



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