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Announcing the vRealize Operations Cloud Beta Program

We are thrilled that there is a lot of excitement about the release of vRealize Operations 8.0. And, in case you missed it, at VMworld 2019 US we announced the tech preview of our new SaaS offering, vRealize Operations Cloud.  Today we are pleased to share the news that we will open vRealize Operations Cloud beta program* in January. This is a unique and exclusive opportunity, and we are accepting customers now for the beta program. Space is limited, and if you are interested then this is a good time to sign up, https://cloud.vmware.com/vrealize-operations-cloud.

What Customers Tell Us

You may be asking, why should I consider vRealize Operations Cloud, or even SaaS?  You aren’t alone, as companies that are interested want to know more about vRealize Operations Cloud. So we’re sharing conversations we’ve had with several customers around the globe. They revealed why they are excited about the AI/ML engine that powers self-driving operations as a SaaS model to manage their hybrid cloud environments.

Organization 1: Global professional services firm

  • Digital transformation
    This firm conducts business throughout the world and has the highest focus of providing quality services to their customers, who trust them to solve difficult problems. The customers can be demanding, and the firm wants to increase their responsiveness, which will also excel their competitive edge. They need a SaaS environment that will provide more flexibility, infinite capacity, and more agility so they can respond even faster to the needs of their customers.

Organization 2: Small insurance company

  • Focusing on other IT priorities
    This small insurance company offers services to internal customers through a limited IT staff. They would like to free time from infrastructure maintenance to focus on better supporting applications used internally by their lines of business.

Organization 3: Large healthcare technology provider

  • Modernizing IT
    As a healthcare technology company, they are already well on their way to a hybrid cloud journey. Although this organization would like to shift the maintenance and upgrade responsibilities of their on-premises product to a provider so they have an integrated cloud service solution.

Organization 4: Pharmaceutical company

  • Accelerating innovation and increasing agility
    This company would like to contribute to new business through healthcare digitization. They would like to accelerate innovation in research and development with better agility and flexibility. In addition, they would like to move to SaaS to reduce time-to-market of product delivery and clinical trials with quality, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Organization 5:  National oil and gas company

  • Mergers and acquisitions
    A national oil and gas company has an acquisition-based growth strategy and would like to consolidate IT environments and better enable the distributed staff upon acquisition of other organizations. A SaaS version of operations management will help federate across several different environments to easily onboard and manage multiple datacenters from a single point.

Benefits of SaaS

Are you nodding your head and relating to any of the above scenarios? Maybe you, too, are driving innovation for your organization to meet customer demands, need to relieve your staff so they can focus on other priorities, or you are modernizing your IT environment. If so, SaaS might be an option for you.

  • No maintenance overhead so your organization saves time and resources that can be focused on other priorities because maintenance and upgrade responsibilities are shifted from your IT department to us.
  • Flexibility of a SaaS delivery model so your users can access software from any device via the internet. This means that all users, no matter their location, are using the same release from wherever they work.
  • Scalability to expand your environment at the same pace as your business grows.
  • Trust knowing that our SaaS solution is built with security, privacy, compliance and resiliency.

What is vRealize Operations Cloud?

For those who are not familiar with vRealize Operations Cloud, it offers self-driving operations as a powerful strategy for automating and simplifying operations management with AI/ML to move your IT’s approach from reactive troubleshooting to predictive innovation. From applications to infrastructure, vRealize Operations Cloud can solve both business and technical challenges to optimize, plan, and scale cloud environments with these capabilities:

  • Continuous performance optimization to reduce downtime
  • Efficient capacity and cost management to lower costs
  • Intelligent remediation to speed time to value
  • Integrated SDDC compliance to mitigate risk
  • Built for the cloud with feature parity providing the same capabilities as the vRealize Operations 8.0 release


Benefits of a Beta Program

There are many different motivations for participating in a beta program, and we would like to invite you to join in providing feedback that can (if you think about it) ultimately improve your life. In the end, you may even enjoy the experience so much that you’ll want to brag about how you contributed to the success of vRealize Operations Cloud.  If you haven’t thought about it that much, here are a few reasons to participate.

  • Influence product development by providing your valuable perspective that will help improve the product and drive future functionality of this SaaS offering.
  • Preview the product by exploring the latest AI/ML capabilities in vRealize Operations Cloud 8.0 and share your feedback directly with the developers.
  • Be a first adopter by evaluating how vRealize Operations Cloud will work in your environment to help solve your business problems, while providing useful insights.


Sign Up Today

If you are enthusiastic about SaaS, we welcome you to sign up now for this exclusive opportunity to participate in the vRealize Operations Cloud beta.


*Disclaimer:  Note that there is no commitment or obligation that a beta feature will become generally available.