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VMware Cloud Services guide to VMworld

VMworld 2018 is nearly upon us, so it’s time to start preparing for the biggest cloud event of the year, held in Las Vegas. For more information read the Guide to VMware Cloud services at VMworld US 2018.

The guide is packed with information on the exciting public cloud sessions, workshops, trainings, community activities and parties that you can attend at VMworld 2018. Whether you’re an IT admin, a cloud specialist, a DevOps engineer, or an SRE developer, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged, informed and ready to expand your public cloud capabilities.

Know before you go

Make sure to check out the showcase on managing your cloud native apps, including those built on Kubernetes. This is essential for those looking to manage multiple public clouds, use containers to run apps anywhere, and implement next gen apps.

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Breakout Sessions

Also shortlisted are over 30+ sessions on effectively managing, governing and securing your apps running in AWS and Azure. These also include new service announcements which are yet to be revealed. Make sure you go the Day 1 General session to find out the latest.

Solutions Exchange – Booth #2331

On top of the breakout sessions, we also have solutions exchange where you can talk to public cloud experts and experience live demos of services. These include  VMware Kubernetes Engine, Wavefront by VMware, VMware Network Insight, VMware Cost Insight, VMware Log Intelligence and other new services that are yet to be announced. Find out more at the VMware booth from experts on VMware Cloud Services.

Cloud City

Be sure to drop by our flagship cloud event – Cloud City, located within VMvillage. Our Cloud City representatives will guide you through an immersive hybrid cloud experience, where you’ll discover the latest cloud technology advancements, and how to use them to transform your business.

Developer Activities

For DevOps and developers, there is the VMworld {code} Hackathon, plus sessions on topics ranging from Kubernetes and CI/CD automation to building an Alexa skill for querying network APIs.

To get the comprehensive list of sessions, read the guide – and plan your itinerary before you go.

Check out this informative video on VMware Cloud Services. If you’re unfamiliar with VMware Cloud Services, there are plenty of sessions where you can learn more. Benefit from new insights and maximize your enterprise cloud potential with VMware.

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