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Make Hybrid and Multi Cloud a Reality

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) delivers multi-cloud app mobility and infrastructure hybridity, securely and seamlessly, across any vSphere versions, on-premises and in the cloud. Initially launched at VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, it has successfully helped migrate many organizations to private and public cloud environments.

Customers have used HCX  in multiple use cases, like data center extension, consolidation, evacuation, and cloud migration. Many years of fine-tuning has shaped HCX to be an efficient, seamless, and secure service that helps customers achieve a benefits of hybrid cloud ecosystem.

Be inspired by session from Allwyn Sequeira, Sr. VP. of HCX Services on hybrid and multi cloud. Listen to the vision and strategy to make hybrid and multi cloud a reality. Get to know the architectures and evolution of hybrid and multi cloud. In addition, hear what customers have to say about HCX in this session.

Listen to Ninad Desai, Dir. PM, about how to build hybrid cloud with HCX. Get to know in-depth about cloud migration and HCX by Serge Maskalik, Sr. Dir R&D. Want to know HCX use cases and see a demo? Come and attend session by Sachin Thakkar, Dir. SW Eng. and Ajay Anthony, PLM.

You can hear about the challenges and achievements of HCX over its first year, attend hands-on demos, learn more about using HCX to implement hybrid of multi-cloud in your organization, and more at the following sessions:

Session By ID
Multi Cloud Architectures and Evolution: Customer Perspective Allwyn Sequeira, Sr. VP  & Nathan Thaler, MIT HYP2861BU
Building the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation Ninad Desai, Dir. PM PRV1463BU
Secure, No-Retrofit, App portability to Cloud in 4 clicks, with VMware HCX Ajay Anthony, PLM & Sachin Thakkar, Dir. SW HYP1071BU
Seamless, Large Scale Workload Migrations to the IBM Cloud Serge Maskalik, Sr. Dir R&D HYP3061QU
Destination Digital: Plot a Course for Transformation with Cloud Migration Rajeev Chawla, Sr. Dir. PM LDT2207BU
Rethinking Disaster Recovery with NSX Data Center and NSX Hybrid Connect Ray Budavari, Sr. Staff PM NET2420BU
From On Premises to Beyond Brian Graf, Sr. TMM Emad Younis, Staff TMM HYP2445BU
Migrations Made Easy on the IBM Cloud… Deep Breath, Focus, Go!  Simon Kofkin-Hansen, CTO, IBM HYP1969BU

HCX will also be at Cloud City and in action at major partner booths, or meet HCX experts at a roundtable.

Try HCX for yourself at one of our hands-on labs: SPL-1981-01-HBD_U and SPL-1981-02-HBD_U

Join me at VMware Cloud on AWS User Summit on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you at VMworld 2018.


Join the cloud experts at Cloud city

Attending VMworld 2018? Be sure to drop by our flagship cloud event – Cloud City, located within VMvillage. From August 26-30, our Cloud City representatives will guide you through an immersive hybrid cloud experience, where you’ll discover the latest cloud technology advancements, and how to use them to transform your business.