VMworld Tech Preview: Bridging the IT – Developer Divide

At this year’s VMworld we’ll be previewing new cloud automation technologies  allowing IT and Cloud Ops teams to govern and automate the delivery of infrastructure and application resources across multiple clouds. One of the advantages of these new technologies is that they meet the needs of operations teams in addressing automation and governance requirements, while also providing developers with easy access to resources. Dev access to the new technologies will either be provided directly through the command line, or through integration with the tools developers already use as part of their CI/CD pipeline process.

Some of the capabilities of the new tech are that it will:

  • Give developers the ability to easily access resources using a declarative, iterative approach that treats infrastructure as code
  • Allow development teams to create cloud agnostic blueprints (predefined environment definitions that work across multiple clouds), that simplify and reduce the cost of cloud operations
  • Give IT and cloud operations teams the ability to govern resource delivery, including providing them with control over who can use specific resources, as well as what activities and applications can use specific clouds
  • Provide an open API design that makes it easy to integrate resource delivery into continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes.

Best of all, the new technologies are designed to function smoothly across multiple clouds, and to address operations across private, hybrid and native public cloud environments.

You can learn more about these new cloud automation technologies  at the following VMworld sessions:

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