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VMware Leads Software-Defined Infrastructure Software Market in Q4 2020, According to IDC

We’re excited that VMware leads the overall Software-Defined Infrastructure software market for Q4 of 2020, according to the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Software Defined Infrastructure Tracker. VMware led all vendors in the Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) software market share with 46.4% based on revenue in Q4 of 2020.

IDC Data Shows Software-Defined Infrastructure Software Powered by VMware is #1  

The IDC Software-Defined Infrastructure tracker reports that VMware SDI software sales lead the market with over $1.566B in revenue, accounting for 46.4% share of the market revenue, higher than the next four companies combined.

Figure 1: Software-Defined Infrastructure Market Share by Revenue
(Source: IDC Semi-annual Software-Defined Infrastructure Tracker 2020 H2 Dated June 3, 2021)

Thanks to our customers, VMware has been leading the market in “core HCI” (as recognized in this Virtual Blocks blog, VMware vSAN powered HCI Systems also led the overall HCI market), and increasingly customers are looking to take the next step by hyperconverging their infrastructure beyond storage and compute to deploy “full stack HCI”.

Table 2: Software-Defined Infrastructure Market Share by Revenue
(Source: IDC Semi-annual Software-Defined Infrastructure Tracker 2020 H2 Dated June 3, 2021)

We are excited to see our customers embrace full stack software-defined infrastructure as their mainstream architecture. VMware Cloud Foundation is at the center of this strong leadership position, delivering software-defined compute, storage, and networking in a full stack HCI solution, built with intrinsic security and cloud management as a hybrid-cloud platform for traditional and modern applications.

Why Customers Choose VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation is adaptable to customers at all stages of the journey to a cloud operating model. Whether customers are just beginning to embrace a software-defined private cloud, or they’ve begun their transition to a hybrid and multi-cloud operating model, VMware Cloud Foundation provides a future ready infrastructure for any application on any cloud.  

VMware Cloud Foundation delivers a software-defined hybrid cloud, using full stack hyperconverged infrastructure with comprehensive layer 2-7 networking and security, supported by the broadest ecosystem of OEMs and cloud service providers. For an increasing number of customers who are looking for a full-stack HCI solution as part of their multi-cloud strategy, VMware Cloud Foundation speeds the deployment of a hybrid cloud solution with complete lifecycle management, intrinsic security and comprehensive cloud management.

Modernizing Infrastructure and Applications

VMware Cloud Foundation is the hybrid cloud platform for modernizing data centers and deploying modern apps. VMware Cloud Foundation delivers enterprise agility, reliability, and efficiency for customers seeking to deploy secure, scalable hybrid clouds. VMware Cloud Foundation is based on VMware’s proven and comprehensive software-defined stack including VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Suite.

VMware Cloud Foundation’s automation brings true cloud agility to enterprise applications on-premises, significantly simplifying management of advanced enterprise storage platforms, leading edge network and security technologies with integrated monitoring and automation to accelerate time to market while liberating critical IT resources to drive new revenue generating projects.

VMware Cloud Foundation is a single integrated solution that automates Day 0 and Day 1 steps in addition to simplifying ongoing operations through built-in automated lifecycle management. By automating configuration of advanced networking topologies, VMware Cloud Foundation provides scalable infrastructure for private clouds with seamless edge deployments and consistent infrastructure technologies that are also deployed in leading public clouds.

Seamless Path to Multi-Cloud

VMware Cloud Foundation is at the core of VMware’s Software-Defined Infrastructure strategy and the latest IDC SDI Tracker results validate the approach of a consistent cloud operating model that extends from edge to core to multi-cloud deployments. VMware Cloud Foundation supports both traditional enterprises and modern apps and provides a complete set of highly secure software-defined services for compute, storage, network, security, Kubernetes, and cloud management to increase enterprise agility and flexibility with consistent infrastructure and operations across private and public clouds.

(Source: IDC Semi-annual Software-Defined Infrastructure Tracker
2020 H2 Dated June 3, 2021)

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