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Enable Business Continuity with VMware Cloud Foundation and VDI

Our #FlexibleFuture series is dedicated to preparing businesses for the unknown road ahead. In the first blog in the series, we discuss how automation enables future-forward businesses to face challenges and remain operationally efficient.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how VMware Cloud Foundation with Horizon 7 empowers business continuity by providing security, configuration, and application distribution for a remote workforce.


Intrinsic Security with VMware VDI

Security is a commonly cited challenge for today’s CISOs who are now tasked with managing security for remote teams. VMware Cloud Foundation with Horizon 7 provides intrinsic security from top-to-bottom of the infrastructure for virtual networks and desktops. This allows CISOs to rest assured that their teams receive the same level of security coverage outside of the office as they would in the office. At the same time, IT admins experience centralized control over access to applications and desktops, regardless of whether an employee is using their own or a company-owned device. Furthermore, desktop virtualization with Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) guarantees that data leakage from lost or stolen devices is a nonissue by ensuring that every desktop or application is running from a trusted image in the data center.


Seamless Virtual Desktops Configuration

While security is a major need for remote teams, getting desktops up and running as soon as possible is also a necessity. With VMware Horizon 7 and Cloud Foundation, teams can drastically cut down the time it takes to provision virtual desktops. Our fully automated solution makes day 0 and day 1 configuration a possibility by removing the manual steps needed to deploy VDI at scale on-premises or in the cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation automates the deployment of the tested and validated standardized architecture for the full hybrid cloud stack. This means that teams experience consistent infrastructure that’s ready for workloads across both core and edge locations in the hybrid cloud.


Remote-First Application Distribution

With Horizon 7, users can rest assured they have access to all of their applications within a secure, centralized virtual desktop and application platform. With the speeding up of VDI deployments through Horizon 7, remote workers can access their applications anywhere, from any device. Horizon 7 allows IT departments to run VM-based desktops and applications in the data center and remotely deliver these to employees as a managed service. Remote desktops and applications hosted in a data center experience little to no downtime and provisioning applications for the end user is a quick and painless process.


Future Ready with VDI and VMware Cloud Foundation

Adopting hyperconverged infrastructure can help prepare remote businesses for what comes next. If today’s environment tells us anything, it’s that digital transformation initiatives are more important now than ever before. Only the most flexible businesses are suited to write the next chapter. By ensuring security, configuration, and application distribution needs are met, VMware Cloud Foundation sets the groundwork for a flexible, future-forward business.





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