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VMware Cloud Foundation Provides Seamless Operations for a Flexible Future

In our new reality, only the most agile and resilient businesses that can adapt to change quickly will survive. Investing in business continuity initiatives can help businesses weather any storm and prepare for the future, regardless of what challenges it may bring.

VMware Cloud Foundation embraces uncertainty and enables customers to thrive in uncharted territory with a modern hybrid-cloud platform equipped to manage change. In our #FlexibleFuture series, we will look at the tools and capabilities businesses need to forge ahead into the unforeseeable future of work.

In this blog, we’ll focus on how automation capabilities through VMware Cloud Foundation help businesses increase operational efficiency and enable business resilience.


Automation Provides Agility and Flexibility

Lifecycle management has long been a headache for cloud administrators, developers, and IT teams. Maintaining regular software updates, while critical, is no one’s favorite task – and all software requires updates. Administrators may even postpone or skip these pesky and time-consuming updates, leaving the business exposed to bugs and other security vulnerabilities.

Luckily for today’s teams, the advanced lifecycle automation capabilities of the VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Manager take these tedious duties off of their plates, saving time and resources required to run and manage updates. With VMware Cloud Foundation, users can perform updates on Cloud Foundation Services and VMware software seamlessly. VMware Cloud Foundation updates are tested and validated against a standardized architecture before release which eliminates the need to manually track and coordinate component-level updates. The SDDC Manager removes the complexity of software updates, maintaining, updating, and securing the environment, ensuring business resilience reliably and with no downtime.


Adopt an Infrastructure Built to Adapt

In addition to lifecycle management, IT administrators often take on vital change management initiatives within their organization. In the era of an unprecedented shift from the physical office to the digital one, change management has taken on a new meaning. Today it can encompass the processes of transitioning the workforce to remote, onboarding new remote employees or tackling organizational changes in the form of mergers or acquisitions.

VMware Cloud Foundation reduces the complications and delays of change management by unifying the entire infrastructure into a software-defined stack. With a fully virtualized infrastructure, compute, storage, networking, security, and management are dynamic and can be configured through software-based policy, eliminating the need to make hardware changes. Leveraging the capabilities of the hybrid cloud, teams experience elastic scale and workload portability meaning that whatever changes your business needs to undergo, VMware Cloud Foundation ensures the flexibility to make those changes with ease.


Business Resilience with VMware Cloud Foundation

Teams and businesses around the globe are facing extraordinary changes. Agility and business resilience enabled by increased operational efficiency will be the key to survival, regardless of the circumstances. An agile infrastructure with advanced automation capabilities to allow admins to rest assured software updates are being run and remote teams can work without disruption are necessary. Organizations must carve out a #FlexibleFuture today, so they can confidently face the trials of tomorrow.



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