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VMware Cloud Foundation’s Summer Reading List 2020

Spring has come and gone, and with it came several exciting VMware product announcements, launches, and GAs. With summer in full swing, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of essential reading to make sure you’re up to speed on all the news specifically related to our favorite VMware solution: VMware Cloud Foundation.

vmware cloud foundation essential reading summer reading list

Below you’ll find links to blog posts, assets, and resources for each of the products that make up Cloud Foundation, the best hybrid cloud solution. So grab your favorite electronic reading device and a lounge chair, and dive in!

vmware cloud foundation resources

Let’s start with the full stack! Here are all of your must-have Cloud Foundation 4 resources:

vmware vsphere resources

vSphere is the compute component of Cloud Foundation stack. See what’s new with vSphere 7:

vmware vsan resources

vSAN storage goes hand-in-hand with vSphere. Check out the exciting features of vSAN 7:

vmware nsx resources

NSX brings networking and security to Cloud Foundation. Learn about the advancements in NSX-T 3:

vmware vrealize resources

vRealize Cloud Management helps you manage it all, securely and consistently. Check out all the latest developments in this suite of products and see what they bring to Cloud Foundation:


We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out all of the informational resources on this list. Tweet us at @vmwarevcf to let us know which ones you loved the most and the kinds of resources you’d like to see on a future reading list. Happy reading!


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