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Hands-on with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0

Since the launch of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 customers have been eager to get some hands-on time with this powerful hybrid cloud platform. In this blog, I want quickly to highlight two options for trying out VMware Cloud Foundation in a lab environment.

VMware HOL

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Cloud Foundation 4.0 in our free Hands-on lab environment. This brand new lab provides you with a live guided lab environment that puts you in the driver’s seat where you can see the powerful automation of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). We have included 11 Lab modules for you to take a test drive of VCF features and capabilities.

Some of my favorite modules in this lab are module 6 (Lifecycle Management) and module 7 (Workload Domain Operations). In module 6, we walk you through the process of installing a new patch for the SDDC Manager, this lab module demonstrates how easy we have made patching and upgrades for the entire software stack. Then in module 7, you walk through the process of scaling out the infrastructure with automation, by adding additional host capacity. If you have never tried a VMware Hands-On-Lab I highly encourage you to register and try out this lab today. It’s completely free, just click the link here. https://vmware.com/go/vcfhol

VMware Cloud Foundation Lab Constructor

The second option we have available is for our home lab user community. If you’re like me and you love to dive deep into the technology and choose your own adventure, then you will enjoy our VCF lab Constructor (VLC). VLC is a PowerShell script that was produced to automate the installation of VCF onto a single physical server, leveraging nested virtualization in a lab environment. The VLC user community is growing rapidly and now has 600+ users. If you have some physical lab gear available and want to try VCF, take look at this recent #vBrownBag session where I cover the basics of the VLC and how to get started with VCF.




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