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How Cloud Foundation Is Modernizing IT Across Industries

Many industries are undergoing a digital transformation driven by a need for rapid innovation. This need has fueled the accelerated growth of the cloud, thanks to its promise of easier, faster innovation at a lower cost. VMware’s Cloud Foundation provides users with a software-defined data center built on a market-leading cloud infrastructure platform and management solution that’s available on-demand from your on-premise systems or cloud service provider.

Cloud Foundation has allowed our customers to better integrate their IT platforms no matter what industry they’re in. From the public sector to industrial engineering, Cloud Foundation has helped our customers accomplish faster, more efficient hybrid cloud deployments and lower TCO (total cost of ownership) due to greater automation. Let’s examine how VMware Cloud Foundation has positively impacted several companies across these different industries by modernizing their IT infrastructure.


Cloud Foundation Brings the Private Cloud to the Public Sector


In the public sector, Cloud Foundation helped build out the private cloud and reinternalize IT services to cut down deployment times to a matter of minutes, consolidate roles, and reduce costs. This was accomplished through massive increases in automation, which bolstered the delivery of IT infrastructure resources.


Another public sector company achieved a next-generation platform to power its VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) services. Using Cloud Foundation, they achieved their main objectives: reducing their costs from managed services, enabling digital transformation and innovation, and building infrastructure that is quick to deploy and easy to both manage and scale. In fact, the company’s senior engineer had this to say following the implementation of Cloud Foundation: “Deployment was incredibly slick and fast. I can’t think of anything else that works that simply.”


Cloud Foundation Solves Real Business Challenges for Industrial Engineering Company


In the industrial engineering industry, VMware Cloud Foundation modernized IT infrastructure to enable the organization to get ahead of the curve and solve various business challenges. One company needed to build an IT organization that could deliver better services and business lines and get rid of any aging legacy infrastructure that could inhibit efficiency.


To do this, production was moved to a co-location with on-site legacy hosts for basic test development, while better security was implemented through micro-segmentation. As a result, the company gained a centralized infrastructure management system that allowed for full stack deployment in 3 1/2 days as opposed to 5 weeks. The company’s IT manager specifically noted that Cloud Foundation’s SDDC Manager made their deployment “magically faster and simpler with just a click of a button.”


Discover how Cloud Foundation can help your organization modernize its IT solutions—no matter your industry. Check out our Hands-on Labs to experience Cloud Foundation for yourself first-hand and explore all of Cloud Foundation’s use cases by visiting our blog.

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