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MultiCloud Workload Migration Strategies with Cloud Foundation – Whitepaper

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new whitepaper MultiCloud Workload Migration Strategies with VMware Cloud Foundation.  This whitepaper provides guidance on how to move existing application workloads, running on your legacy vSphere infrastructure, into your VMware Cloud Foundation based private cloud.  It also discusses options for moving workloads between your on-premises private cloud and your VMware based public cloud.  It covers five common migration approaches, to include live migration options for workloads that cannot afford downtime as well as cold migration options for less critical workloads.  For each approach, it provides an overview, a discussion of the architecture, and a step-by-step example for implementing and performing the migrations.  At the end of the whitepaper, I also discuss some often neglected guest VM settings that can potentially impact your migration.

In addition to introducing you to the whitepaper, I’d also like to invite you to join us at VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas to learn more about SDDC workload migration strategies.  Be sure to sign up for my breakout session Strategies for Workload Mobility with VMware Cloud Foundation [PRV1459BU]) where I will discuss the migration methods covered in the white paper in more detail.  I’d also recommend the Building the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation [PRV1463BU]  session, where we will discuss the Hybrid Cloud in more detail.  Also, feel free to join me at the meet the expert’s session to ask me your workload migration questions.

I look forward to seeing you at VMworld and helping you begin your migration journey to the hybrid cloud.


MultiCloud Workload Migration Strategies with Cloud Foundation – Whitepaper


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