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vSphere 6.7 – Virtualized Persistent Memory with HPE and VMware – Part 2


Co-Author: Bhumik Patel – Technical Alliances Director, VMware Whether it’s an operating system, database, or application upgrading to the latest version just for the sake of upgrading is never a good idea, however with vSphere 6.7 and the introduction of the Persistent Memory Option, application and database architects should be demanding their VI administrators upgrade. Read more...

Virtualizing SAP—it’s a risk not to


by Elliot Fliesler, Director, SAP Alliance, VMware There are business-critical applications—and then there’s SAP.  If you’re an IT manager in an SAP-based organization, you know first-hand the importance of this market-leading BCA system to every aspect of your operations.  Many large enterprises cannot run their businesses without SAP—it’s not just critical, it’s indispensable. Is Virtualizing Read more...