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Oracle Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery on VMware Hybrid Multi-Clouds

Customers have successfully run their business-critical Oracle workloads with high-performance demands on VMware vSphere for many years.


Common concerns that often delay virtualization of business-critical database workloads include:

  • Rapid database growth and the need to reduce backup windows to meet performance and business SLAs
  • The size of modern databases makes it harder to regularly clone and refresh data from production to QA and other environments
  • Choosing the optimum business continuity plan to ensure rapid recovery from significant disruption to the operations
  • Making the Correct choice of disaster recovery technology to ensure business needs of RTO and RPO are met





This paper describes the configuration and implementation of various business continuity and disaster recovery options (Native Oracle , SRM, vSphere Replication, Array based using VMFS/vVOLS, VSR , VCDR) across the application, VMware platform, and storage levels of Oracle single instance and Real Application Cluster (RAC) workloads on the VMware vSphere hybrid multi-cloud platform. This includes on-premises and VMware clouds, with an emphasis on VMware Cloud™ on AWS.

This solution validates the business continuity and disaster recovery functionality of Oracle Single-Instance and Oracle RAC deployments using Pure x50 Storage (VMFS & vVOL) at all three below levels at on-premises and/or VMware clouds:

  • Application level
  • vSphere level
  • Storage level


The choice of the business continuity or disaster recovery solution to adopt depends on application needs, SLAs, RTO, RPO and various other factors.


The above business continuity and disaster recovery methods can be summarized in the illustration below:








This reference architecture is intended for Oracle database administrators (DBAs) as well as virtualization and storage architects involved in planning, architecting, and administering business continuity and disaster recovery processes for business-critical Oracle environments on the VMware SDDC platform.

The paper can be found at Oracle Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery on VMware Hybrid Multi-Clouds REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE

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