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Seamlessly deploying & managing Kubernetes across multi-cloud (Part 3 of 3)

In part 1 of the blog series we looked at the challenges faced by organization leveraging Kubernetes across multi-cloud environments and looked at some of the components of the VMware Tanzu portfolio. In part 2 of the blog series, we looked at the components of the Multi-Cloud solution and their deployment.In this part of the blog series, we will look at deployment of the application and the workings of the solution. In this part 3 of the blog series, we will look at deployment of the application and the workings of the solution.

The two clusters are combined into a global namespace as shown below with Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM). TSM secures and manages the communication across the clusters and the namespace.

Figure 18: VMC on AWS TKG Cluster overview in TMC

Details about the sample service “” and its details in TSM are shown. Details about the application security and certificates are shown.

Figure 19: Details of the Global Namespace and associated application service

A snippet from the yaml file from acme fitness service is shown with details of the shopping application. Full version of the YAML file can be seen in Appendix A.

Figure 20: Snippet of the ACME Fitness Application YAML file

Shown is a listing of some of the commands that were run for the the creation of a mongo dB database and other components of the acme fitness application.

Figure 21: Commands showing creation of ACME fitness App service

Components of the acme application in the VMC on Dell EMC Kubernetes shown in a flow chart format. TSM shows compelling views of the applications it manages and their relationship.

Figure 22: Components of the ACME app and their relationships as seen in TSM

The web interface of the multi-tiered application is shown here. The application components are deployed across two different  Kubernetes clusters across a multi-cloud environment.

Figure 23: Web Interface of the ACME  multi-tiered application

The catalog service is hosted in the VMC on AWS Kubernetes cluster while the other aspects of the solution and the mongo DB are hosted in the Kubernetes cluster running on the VMC on Dell EMC SDDC. The Tanzu Service Mesh makes it seamless for the application components to communicate with each other securely across clouds while showing a unified front to the users.

Figure 24: Global Namespace showing the application components dispersed across multi-cloud

The Kubernetes dashboard for each individual cluster helps monitor and maintain the different pods that make up the distributed web application.

Figure 25:  Kubernetes Dashboard to monitor and manage individual Kubernetes cluster


In summary we have shown that this solution can leverage TKG clusters deployed across a multi-cloud environment. Tanzu mission control provides visibility and operational capabilities to manage these Kubernetes clusters with a single pane of glass. Tanzu service mesh provides the ability to combine multi-cloud applications with global namespaces and secures the application effectively across cloud boundaries.  All the components showcased in this multi-cloud solution are part of the VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition. VMware Tanzu can be effectively leveraged by enterprises to deploy and manage Kubernetes application across a multi-cloud Kubernetes based environment.