VMware Makes Oracle Easy

OpenWorld 2010 is just around the corner, and VMware will once again be joining the hundreds of other corporate exhibitors at San Francisco’s Moscone Center to “tell our Oracle story”.

We have a great theme for our presence this year: VMware Makes Oracle Easy

Not much to this theme at first glance, but examined literally, that’s a big deal! And we should know — we’re an Oracle shop that depends upon Oracle E-Business Suite for the financial agility of our business. And we have been for over two years now.

So what about VMware makes Oracle easy?

1) VMware makes deploying any application easy. And of course, this includes Oracle. Should this come as any surprise? We’ve been helping customers deploy complex, multi-tier applications in virtual environments for over a decade. We know a thing or two about how to make this simple, easy-to-use, and best of all — flexible from both the business owner and IT manager perspective.

There’s something to that when you’re talking about the typical heterogeneous datacenter with dozens or even hundreds of applications competing for resources & the attention of IT staff. Those datacenters almost always include Oracle, but likewise, are almost never “Oracle only”.

No one has more experience in taking applications from ISVs of all size to the cloud than VMware. And we make it easy with 4th-generation tools like VMware vCenter well-proven to be robust…and easy.

2) “Easy” should be simple to define. And in the context of VMware, it is. The Oxford American Dictionary defines Easy as “not difficult, done or obtained without great effort”.

By definition, that is the benefit VMware brings to Oracle customers. Need another database? Easy! Just click the button (thanks, Staples, but we’re talking about a mouse here). Want to deploy three different instances of your PeopleSoft application in the cloud for different business units? Easy: watch those multi-tier components deploy with real-time feedback about their status and system utilization, with automated monitoring and system-level load-balancing built-in across the datacenter fabric.

All with the click of a mouse. No command lines. No advanced programming. No dissociated processes because you’re running other applications with Oracle. No dependency on application awareness of any of this functionality. Now THAT’S easy.

3) VMware removes concern about hardware system complexity, allowing you to focus your effort on application-level architecture. That makes Oracle easy! Worried about aligning specific OS releases with specific server, network, or storage devices? With VMware, no! And we extend this into the cloud.

Remember, Oracle writes its applications to certified Operating System layers, the same Operating System layers VMware certifies. Ergo — you have technically integrated solutions that will run Oracle not just well, but better if you count “ease of deployment” among the benefits that would help make Oracle “easy”.


VMware is an Oracle shop, and we understand first-hand how challenging multi-tier enterprise applications can be to operate and manage. With nearly 9,000 employees and a multi-billion dollar business, VMware’s Oracle systems are the backbone of how we run the company and serve our customers. Of course, our Oracle systems work in conjunction with dozens of other non-Oracle applications — just like yours — making our architectural problem exceedingly complex.

Yet what makes solving any complex problem easier is the removal of variables that can affect the outcome. With VMware vSphere, you eliminate the physical variables that can impact Oracle system performance. With the hardware environment abstracted and standardized, it becomes easy to connect other applications to your Oracle system, all with the confidence that they’ll work together. And if they don’t — if there is a problem with the fundamental design of the architecture — you can eliminate the hardware variables from the equation, and focus your resources on solving the interactions of the software itself. For application architects, that’s a beautiful thing.

VMware makes Oracle easy by standardizing your hardware environment virtually; by affording you deployment flexibility; and by ensuring that applications vying for datacenter resources are well-managed and provisioned seamlessly, whether in your datacenter or out in the cloud. Now that’s easy!

Come visit VMware at Oracle OpenWorld 2010 in Moscone South, booth #501. See for yourself how VMware makes Oracle easy.