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Managing vSphere Alarms with PowerCLI


Greetings to all vSphere administrators out there! We are now going to take a look at a new functionality introduced in PowerCLI 4.1 Update 1 – namely vSphere alarms management. We assume that you are already familiar with the vSphere alarms functionality. For those of you who are not, here are some resources on the Read more...

Still Not a PowerCLI User? 10 Solid Reasons to Become a Better Professional!


1. Cutting edge technology PowerCLI is a cutting edge technology based on the Microsoft PowerShell. Currently PowerShell is recognized as the most advanced shell environment. PowerCLI utilizes all of the PowerShell’s great features in addition to virtualization-related business logic and this makes it the leader of vSphere automation tools. 2. Saves hundreds of hours Regardless Read more...