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Monthly Archives: February 2009

VI Toolkit Lab at VMworld Europe 2009

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the VI Toolkit lab at VMworld Europe 2009.

I want to thank the team that made the lab a success this year:

  • Aidan Dalgleish – Senior Consultant
  • Carter Shanklin – Product Manager, End User Enablement
  • Reg Hall – Senior Systems Engineer
  • Hardev Sanghera – Lead Partner, Systems Engineer
  • Yavor Boychev – VI Toolkit QA Lead
  • Andrey Anastasov – VI Toolkit Architect

If you didn’t manage to make it, or if you just want to review what we covered, you can Download VI Toolkit Lab — VMworld Europe 2009.

If you’re at VMworld Europe, don’t forget to come see us.

Lots of great VI Toolkit-related stuff at VMworld Europe if you’re lucky enough to be attending.

First we’ve got two breakout sessions:

  • The first on Tuesday 24/02/09 from 12:15 to 13:15
  • The second on Wednesday 25/02/09 from 14:00 to 15:00

We’re going to have some really great demos in the sessions, both with the help of Dennis Zimmer from icomasoft and also some demos we cooked up ourselves.

As if that wasn’t enough we also have a VI Toolkit lab, Lab 11, where you can get some hands-on experience with the VI Toolkit in a realistic (and self-paced) setting. It’s realistic because everyone gets their own vCenter server, 3 ESX servers and an OpenFiler NAS appliance. This environment will be a sandbox in which you can do anything you like, you can follow our exercises or go off and do your own thing, but we’ve made sure that you get a chance to try out all of the new 1.5 features.

Hope to see you there!

Using PowerGUI to manage VMware: the video series.

Scott Herold over at VMGuru.com has posted a series of videos showing how you can use PowerGUI to manage VMware Virtual Infrastructure.

The series starts at the start, connecting to ESX or vCenter, then shows how you can navigate the PowerGUI PowerPack to browse through all your hosts and VMs, and how to take actions like powering

The last video in the series covers the PowerGUI Script Editor, which is a tool I use a lot because of its code highlighting and intellisense functionality.

PowerGUI has one other great feature that’s worth mentioning, which is its ability to generate code as you click. In each of Scott’s first 4 videos, there’s a little tab as shown below called PowerShell Code.


As you click around in PowerGUI, it automatically records this and turns it into a script which you can import into PowerGUI Script Editor. From there you can customize it, combine it with other scripts, or even schedule it to run on a nighly basis. If you’re not really comfortable with scripting, it’s great to have PowerGUI do a lot of the hard work for you.

Thanks Scott!

VI Toolkit on PowerScripting Podcast

I’ve been backlogged recently so I haven’t managed to post this until now, but you can hear me talking about 1.5, tips, and also a peek into the future over at the PowerScripting Podcast.

Looks like Eric Sloof found it interesting as he’s managed to figure out the options that make VI Client more verbose when logging. The options I used were –log +n, and I don’t know the difference between +n and +sd. Still, using these options you can take action within VI Client and later generate a PowerShell script based on the log contents. This is really helpful when you need an example of doing some of the VI API’s most difficult tasks. I’ll try to write more about this some other time, but I did use it to write my disk resizing script (see below), and the API in this case was quite tricky.