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VI Toolkit on PowerScripting Podcast

I’ve been backlogged recently so I haven’t managed to post this until now, but you can hear me talking about 1.5, tips, and also a peek into the future over at the PowerScripting Podcast.

Looks like Eric Sloof found it interesting as he’s managed to figure out the options that make VI Client more verbose when logging. The options I used were –log +n, and I don’t know the difference between +n and +sd. Still, using these options you can take action within VI Client and later generate a PowerShell script based on the log contents. This is really helpful when you need an example of doing some of the VI API’s most difficult tasks. I’ll try to write more about this some other time, but I did use it to write my disk resizing script (see below), and the API in this case was quite tricky.

3 thoughts on “VI Toolkit on PowerScripting Podcast

  1. LucD

    The vpxClient options are described in the VirtualCenter 2 Diagnostics presentation (see http://download3.vmware.com/vmworld/2006/tac4096.pdf) on page 29. The option +sd means “+ : use the default settings and add logging for server (s) messages and detailed info (d))

  2. Eric Gray

    In previous versions of VI Client, you could get it to print a usage message, which I included in my TAC4096 session. Unfortunately, doesn’t seem to work anymore after changing to the “launcher” architecture.

  3. halr9000

    Glad to have you aboard as always, Carter. It was a great interview.


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