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Using PowerGUI to manage VMware: the video series.

Scott Herold over at VMGuru.com has posted a series of videos showing how you can use PowerGUI to manage VMware Virtual Infrastructure.

The series starts at the start, connecting to ESX or vCenter, then shows how you can navigate the PowerGUI PowerPack to browse through all your hosts and VMs, and how to take actions like powering

The last video in the series covers the PowerGUI Script Editor, which is a tool I use a lot because of its code highlighting and intellisense functionality.

PowerGUI has one other great feature that’s worth mentioning, which is its ability to generate code as you click. In each of Scott’s first 4 videos, there’s a little tab as shown below called PowerShell Code.


As you click around in PowerGUI, it automatically records this and turns it into a script which you can import into PowerGUI Script Editor. From there you can customize it, combine it with other scripts, or even schedule it to run on a nighly basis. If you’re not really comfortable with scripting, it’s great to have PowerGUI do a lot of the hard work for you.

Thanks Scott!

One thought on “Using PowerGUI to manage VMware: the video series.

  1. Scott Herold

    In the 4th Video, Creating and Saving Filters, I do briefly touch on this feature to show how we are generating and allowing users to save their filters in native PowerShell. Too many good things to cover in 3-5 minute demos! More coming soon.
    Thanks Carter!


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