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vSphere Data Protection Works on Any Storage Supported by vSphere

I have heard a few rumors around misconceptions on what storage platforms vSphere Data Protection (VDP) and VDP Advanced will work with. Perhaps these rumors stemmed from the announcements of new features in VDP 5.5 and VDP Advanced 5.5. For example, it is true that VDP 5.5 can replicate backup data only to EMC Avamar. By the way, VDP Advanced 5.5 will be able to replicate backup data to EMC Avamar and other VDP Advanced 5.5 virtual appliances. It is true that VDP Advanced 5.5 can leverage EMC Data Domain as a backup data target, but that is an option (not a requirement). I have heard that VDP and VDP Advanced can only be used with EMC storage which is FALSE.

VDP and VDP Advanced virtual appliances can be deployed to one or more VMFS or NFS datastores on any storage that is supported by vSphere. In other words, I can deploy VDP and VDP Advanced virtual appliances to EMC, NetApp, HDS, IBM, HP, Dell, etc. I can even deploy a VDP or VDP Advanced appliance to a VMFS datastore on direct attached storage (DAS) in a vSphere host.

Glad we cleared that up.  :)


3 thoughts on “vSphere Data Protection Works on Any Storage Supported by vSphere

  1. vikrant

    how to configure diffrent backup server location so that we can store our Vms backups to another location in data protection 5.5

  2. Ron

    I’ll try not to be too disrepctful here but VDP is thus far a horrible product, both the 5.1 and 5.5 releases are difficult to deploy and keep functional. We have been using VDR successfully for quite a while on our 4.1 farm. If you don’t believe my negative comments go to vmware communities VDP section and browse through all the problems. VMware needs to show Avamar door.

    1. Jeff HunterJeff Hunter Post author

      Hi Ron,

      Thank you for your feedback. Have you opened any support requests (SRs) with VMware Support on VDP? If not, I encourage it for a couple of reasons: 1) They may be able to help you figure out the cause(s) for the issue(s) you have encountered and 2) by bringing these things to our attention, VMware can identify issues and make improvements to the code. If you remember, the early days of VDR saw more than its fair share of issues. Not until version 2.x did it start becoming a decent solution.


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