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Black Friday Sale!

Hurry while the savings last! – try our super secret coupon code ‘BF2018’ for an additional 10% off! 45% off in total!!

On Wednesday, November 21st at 8am PST (and maaaaaaybe a bit earlier ;), the doors to our biggest sale off the year will be opened!

Shop Now!

Save up to 35% off your favorite VMware Desktop Hypervisors – Fusion and Workstation, from now until Monday during our annual Black Friday sale!

Workstation 15 Pro delivers exciting new features such as DirectX 10.1 graphics, a revamped application interface, 4K display support with added scaling controls, one-click SSH to Linux VMs and more!

Hurry while the savings last!

Shop Now!

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About Michael Roy

Michael Roy is the Product Line Manager for Desktop Hypervisor products such as VMware Fusion and Workstation.

6 thoughts on “Black Friday Sale!

  1. Karol Marcinkiewicz

    i cant buy with discount code BF2018 with 35% discount

  2. Alex Nilsson

    I’m trying to apply the code when buying “VMware Fusion 11 (for Mac OS X), ESD” but nothing happens. Am i to early or am i doing something wrong? I’m in the Europe region.

    1. Martin Matusky

      I had the same problem trying to apply the BF2018 code when I tried to purchase VMware Fusion 11 at 8:15am PT here in the SF Bay area.

      1. Michael Roy Post author

        The code is applicable for Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro only.

        1. Martin Matusky

          Ah, thank you for the clarification, Michael.

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