VMware Workstation 11.1.4 and Player 7.1.4 Now Available

Maintaining our previous stable code branches is important to us too, so hot off the heels of our recent Workstation Pro 12.1.1 release,  we have released updates to VMware Workstation 11 and Player 7, bringing us to versions 11.1.4 and 7.1.4 respectively.

This release includes some fixes around Linux Weyland, minor bug fixes

Link to Release Notes:

Download from here, or via the auto-update feature within the products:

One thing to note is a known issue with Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit guests:

  • After you install an Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit guest, the system becomes unresponsive
    When you install an Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit guest operating system, the system stops responding as the display switches to a black screen at the end of the installation process.

    • Workaround: Restart the Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit guest from Workstation Console. The guest will then work normally.