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VMware Workstation 11 plans to release the Retro-Encabulator Support Pack

After years of development effort, Workstation 11 finally allows you to virtualize the popular Rockwell Retro-Encabulator used in the control and operation of milfer trunnions (original product video shown above). VMware Workstation 11 addresses the most pressing challenge of Retro-Encabulator sprawl in the automation environment with the ability to reduce hardware requirements by a ratio of 15:1 or better from virtualization. Through Retro-Encabulator virtualization, companies no longer need swimming pool cooling reservoirs and direct connections to power stations to support their massive deployment of the Retro-Encabulator.

Due to the critical operation requirements of Retro-Encabulator only the finest engineers who passed extensive technical, psychological, and homeland screening tests were allowed to be on the project. After extensive late night R&D effort and thousands of pizzas, a proprietary hypervisor was created to providing near native performance running on x86 Encabulator computers with the Rockwell software.

Beside overwhelming positive feedback from Retro-Encabulator customers, the feedback from the VMware engineering teams is nothing but superfluous with a few engineers comments listed below:

  • The hardest part of the project was making sure virtualization did not cause problems with the timing of the drawn reciprocation dingle arm and increasing sinusoidal depleneration.”
  • The project was so important they cut a massive hole in our engineering lab and used a crane to lower in the last remaining Retro-Encabulator to avoid chipping the baseplate made out of pre-famulated amulite.
  • Now that we can virtualize the product I’m going to miss the relaxing sound of the six hydrocoptic marzel vanes
  •  “I interviewed at 3 other top Silicon Valley software companies but the chance to virtualize the Retro-Encabulator computers at VMware was once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Retro-Encabulator support pack is coming to VM near you in the future. Once the Retro-Encabulator pack is released the Workstation team plans to virtualize the IBM Universal Business Adapter (UBA).

Happy April 1st ; )