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PHP developers can save time and money with Zend Studio 8 and Workstation 7

The VMware Workstation team is very excited about our partnership with Zend, the PHP Company, to bring the full benefits of virtualization to PHP developers. We are committed to increasing the productivity of software developers at organizations of all sizes. That’s why we  spent the last few monthly working closely with the great team at Zend to ensure the newly launched Zend Studio 8 includes out-of –the box integration with VMware Workstation 7.


Zen Studio’s integration with VMware Workstation enables PHP developers to enhance their development and testing processes by running and debugging their applications in a virtual, production-like environment. Developers can set their development server to a local virtual machine that mirrors the production environment, and deploy their code directly onto that virtual server from the Zend Studio interface, thereby eliminating potential errors and speeding up the testing and debugging cycles. Developers can run their development and testing environments on to a single PC by running multiple environments at the same time without rebooting. This eliminates the need to purchase additional hardware and allows those old machines sitting under everyone’s desk to finally be recycled. Furthermore, the development and quality assurance teams can create virtual machines that are shared across the organization, minimizing the time spent doing repetitive configuration tasks.


Try it out today!

1. Download VMware Workstation 7 Free Trial.

2. Download Zend Studio 8 Free Trial.

3. Download a sample Zend Server virtual machine (username/password: studio/logitech) or Create a custom virtual machine with Zend Server.

4. In Zend Studio specify the virtual machine setting in “Run | Run Configurations | PHP Application on VM” and you are ready to deploy and debug your PHP code on the virtual server. Then select "Run | Run as | PHP Application on VM".

5. Read the Zend Studio 8 User Guide for more information.

6. Visit the Zend Studio 8 forum to discuss how virtualization can make you more productive.

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