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Buy VMware Workstation 7, Get VMware ThinApp Starter Edition For Free!

Learn how to virtualize applications!

The VMware Workstation team is pleased to announce that VMware ThinApp Starter Edition (Windows only, English only) is exclusively available at no cost to anyone who purchases or upgrades to VMware Workstation 7 from November 11, 2010 6pm PT through April 30, 2011.

Why are we bundling VMware ThinApp Starter Edition with VMware Workstation 7?

A large number of our customers use VMware Workstation to help them with their migration to Windows 7. We thought this would be a great, risk free way for VMware Workstation 7 customers to learn how application virtualization can make their migration even easier. Now with VMware ThinApp Starter Edition and VMware Workstation, you can experience the benefits of application virtualization without any risk of mucking up your PC.

After you install VMware ThinApp Starter Edition you can immediately package an application, typically a legacy Windows XP application, and run it on Windows 7 without the need to recode or retest the application.

Try virtualizing Internet Explorer 6 as a first step. A lot of our customers are doing this to maintain compatibility with existing applications as they migrate to Windows 7. This takes only minutes by clicking through the Setup Capture process to get a fully virtualized image for deployment on Windows 7. After installing VMware ThinApp Starter Edition:

  • Click through the Setup Capture steps.
  • Select Internet Explorer as shown here to virtualize IE 6 on your Windows XP system.

setup capture

Once you try VMware ThinApp Starter Edition, we hope you will be convinced that application virtualization can save porting costs, eliminate application conflicts, and simplify distribution of legacy applications on Windows 7.

Get Started Today!

Read the VMware ThinApp Starter Edition product page and the FAQs to get started. Topics covered include how do I get it, how do I use it, and much more.  For a quick start, watch the video:

How is the functionality different than VMware ThinApp Enterprise?

VMware ThinApp Starter Edition does not include Active Directory Integration and AppSync.

What’s the catch?

No catch.  VMware ThinApp Starter Edition is offered to VMware Workstation 7 customers for use by a single individual at no cost, and no risk.  The VMware ThinApp Starter Edition EULA allows for single user packaging of one or many applications. The EULA for this edition allows for the deployment of one or many of these applications on a single client. To redistribute the packaged applications to more than one client, you will need to purchase VMware ThinApp Enterprise product.

Get VMware ThinApp Starter Edition today!

Buy or Upgrade to VMware Workstation 7 now.

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3 thoughts on “Buy VMware Workstation 7, Get VMware ThinApp Starter Edition For Free!

  1. Colin Westwater

    What about us loyal users that upgraded to v7 ages ago? Will we get access to the ThinApp download?

  2. Ian Prest

    Was wondering the same thing… I don’t want to have to buy another VMware license to get ThinApp Starter Edition.

  3. Brad Isaac

    I upgraded to 7 a long time ago. Had no problem getting the starter edition add on to my license. Make sure you add your license key without dashes.

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