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VMware Workstation 7.1 Beta Available

The VMware Workstation 7.1 Beta is available now at http://communities.vmware.com/community/beta/ws. This beta release includes several new features and hundreds of minor improvements. Some release highlights include:

  • OpenGL 2.1 support for Windows 7 and Vista guests: The addition of hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.1 support to the WDDM driver enables many more graphics applications to run inside of your virtual machines.
  • Improved graphics performance: Significant enhancements have been made to the VMware WDDM driver that have produced benchmark results that are up to 80% faster. The updated driver also produces smoother video playback and addresses many reported rendering issues. Of course games run better as well!
  • 8-way SMP support plus virtual disks up to 2TB in size: The virtual hardware continues to become more powerful to meet the needs of Workstation customers who are running server class applications.
  • OVF 1.0 support: Including the OVF Tool with this release enables users to easily import or export virtual machines and vApps and move them to vSphere or up into the cloud.
  • Direct Launch: Blur the distinction between running native and virtual applications by launching an application installed in a virtual machine directly from the start menu or taskbar of the host system.
  • Automatic software updates: These VMware applications can now detect when a new version is released and are able to update at the click of a button.
  • Fedora 12 virtual machines: We are excited about finally offering support for running one of the most popular Linux distributions on the planet!

We look forward to hearing your feedback.  Please post all of your comments or questions in the Beta forums!

3 thoughts on “VMware Workstation 7.1 Beta Available

  1. William from Hong Kong

    I am thinking about turning an ultimate windows 7 on a local PC machine to a vmware virtual OS. I know that vmware fusion could perfectly handle the job but it is only available for Mac computers. Also, I know that vmware vcenter converter for PC could perform this kind of conversion but it couldn’t seem able to handle windows 7 for the time being. What else can i get from vmware for the job? vmware workstation 7?
    i believe you already knew that windows 7 have a system partition (C:\windows\) and a boot partition (C:\system\) and i think we have to handle both partitions for the virtual win7 to go. Am i right?

  2. William from Hong Kong

    thankyou for your reply.
    that standalone converter 4.x has its requirements saying that it supports vista as a source machine. i gave that a try with a windows 7 as the source machine. it worked. But two interesting things appeared …
    (1) the virtual win 7 cloned from that licensed copy of windows 7 suddenly became non-activated and non-licensed after several reboots;
    (2) that virtual win 7 can’t use NAT to gain access to the internet. its etherent adapter can’t seem able to initialize completely. it is then therefore question-marked. i guess that both ethernet adapters from the host and the guest machines have the same ip addresses might be the culprit. i have to figure it out. perhaps i will give vmware workstation 7 a try ’cause, according to the official manual, it supports windows 7 as a source machine.

  3. OIL81

    Have You solved the issues with USB peripheral attacched to VM throw “VMware USB Arbitration Service”?

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