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Google Chrome OS running on VMware Workstation!!!


The Google Chrome OS source was released by Google yesterday and the rockstars at gdgt.com have compiled it and released a VMware virtual machine to make it easy for VMware Workstation and VMware Player users to give it a try.  You can get a copy of the VM by registering on their site:


After downloading the virtual machin and have uncompressed:

Create a new "custom" virtual machine and use the defaults with the following exceptions

  •     Choose "I will install the OS later." 

  •     Select "Other" and "Other Linux Kernal 2.6" for the guest operating system (you can bet that we will be adding Google Chrome OS to the list soon)… 

  •     Add memory – I set my VM to use 1 GB (randomly chosen).

  •     Use Bridged Networking.

  •     On the Select a Disk screen, select "use an existing virtual disk and browse for the .vmdk that you  downloaded and decompressed.

  •     I chose NOT to convert the disk format to the newest format.

After completing the New Virtual Machine Wizard and starting the VM, you should see the following screen.


The username and password needed to login to Chrome OS / Chromium OS is your Google account!

Have fun!

Note:  We have had reports of failures to login from behind a proxy server.   The error that is displayed is "Network not connected and offline login fail"

Obviously, VMware Tools are not yet available, so you can expect the mouse to be a little jumpy, but it is useable!

9 thoughts on “Google Chrome OS running on VMware Workstation!!!

  1. Jason Joel

    I had this same issue when I attempted to login to my Chrome OS virtual machine from behind a proxy server. As soon as I moved to a network that did not use a proxy, everything worked fine! Please give that a try and let me know if it works.

  2. markzenegar

    Announced in July 2009 and based on its Chrome web browser and a Linux kernel, OS Chrome is free, easy, fast and secure. Note, however the majority of information about Google Chrome OS still vague, and the version that is unveiled is not final. It is especially Google to offer drivers to run their OS on most machine as they wants to make a real success so Google going work together with Acer, Asus, Adobe, Freescale, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, and the Asus where AsusNetbooks would be part of the first machines to use Chrome OS… continued at:

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