Free VMware Workstation 7 Fundamentals Course

With the tremendous number of new Workstation 7 customers, I am very excited to announce the availability of a free introductory, self-paced online course.  The course is designed for people who are new VMware Workstation and it will quickly walk you through the steps for installing VMware Workstation, creating virtual machines, installing tools, configuring networks, and much more.  To access the course, you will be prompted to create a VMware myLearn account if you do not already have one.

Start the course now! 

Workstation 7 Fundamentals


Course Outline:

VMware Workstation 7 Overview
•  How does it work?
•  New features
•  Workstation use cases

Getting Started with Workstation
•  Install Workstation
•  Navigate through Workstation window
•  Create a Virtual Machine
•  Install VMware Tools
•  Configure Networking

Working with Workstation
•  Using  USB devices
•  File Sharing
•  Record/Replay a VM
•  Snapshots
•  Add a Hard Drive
•  Unity

Download a free 30 day trial of VMware Workstation 7 today.

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